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We believe every body is an ATHlete

Offer Expires March 31, 2024

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Ready to reach your fitness goals?

We provide the workout – You show up & get sustainable results! 

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Designed to get you results

With ATH's scientifically-proven training, led by highly-qualified coaches, we ensure you get the most out of every group class which include:

  • HIIT

  • CORE 





  • & MORE!

Membership Perks

• Unlimited classes

• Never do the same workout twice

• Open Gym acces

• Body composition scans

• Recovery Suite access

• Award-winning facility


25% Off Limited-Time Membership special

For adults of all fitness levels

training available 6 days a week

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Why ATH, just ask our members

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can I attend with the membership?

With our membership, you can attend unlimited, coach-led classes.

What are the membership perks?

Memberships include unlimited, coach-led classes, free open gym access, ongoing evaluations, access to recovery suites, fully stocked locker rooms, body composition testing and more.

What training equipment do you offer at your gym?

Our facilities have multiple indoor turf fields for proper warm-up before class, high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and more.

We also have power racks throughout the building to meet all of your strength training and weight training needs – including barbells, standard plates and bumper plates.

Other equipment varies by facility but includes Keiser air compression equipment, functional trainers, a jacobs ladder, stationary bikes, self-propelled treadmills, rowers, med balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, plyo boxes, resistance bands, SkiErgs, Versaclimers and more.

What type of workouts do you do in class?

Our group classes feature athletic-based training, HIIT, strength training, cardio, functional training and more. Our award-winning classes are science-backed and designed to get you results. Programming varies constantly to keep you from hitting a plateau – you'll never do the same workout twice!

Do I get access to the Recovery Suite?

Yes, members receive complimentary access to the Recovery Suite for 30 minutes each week.

Is there a loyalty program for members?

Absolutely! As a member, you can earn points and redeem them for various rewards.

Do you have to be super fit to join?

Absolutely not! We cater to all ages and fitness levels. Our classes are small enough that your coach gets to know you, your goals and your limitations and provides alternate exercises to meet you where you're at. We can (and will) also push you to do more once we know you're ready for it!

What is the structure of a class?

A proper warm-up is very important to us so you'll start with a 10-15 minute warm-up where we activate the muscles you'll use during class. After warm-up you'll get a 45-minute full-body workout. Your whole program is laid out for you so you just have to show up and follow along.