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With ATH's scientifically-proven training, led by highly-qualified coaches, we ensure you're prepared for every game, match, or meet.

  • Safe environment for your athlete to meet and exceed their goals
  • Flexible training times based on school schedules
  • Motivating and encouraging environment
  • Award-winning facility
  • Trusted by Olympic and Pro athletes

Peak Performance Always

Being active with our training not only sharpens athletic skills but also boosts grades, attendance, and cognitive clarity.

25% Off limited-time Membership special!

For ages 8-18

Training available 6 days a week

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The discount will remain in place until the end of your contract term as long as your account remains active and does not go into default.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can I attend with the membership?

With our membership, you can attend unlimited classes.

How do you approach training for elementary school athletes?

For pre-adolescent athletes (8-12), we focus on functional movement skills, neural pathway development, physical literacy, and mastering technique. This lays the foundation for future athletic enhancement with 60-minute sessions emphasizing speed, coordination, flexibility, and movement skills.

What's the training focus for middle school athletes?

Early-adolescent athletes (12-14) progress to weight-bearing exercises tailored to their growth spurt transition. We ensure athletic ability development without increasing injury likelihood. The exercises, dependent on maturation, concentrate on strength, power, and speed development.

How do you prepare high school athletes for advanced competition?

For mid/late-adolescent athletes (14-18), training is designed for the demands of high school athletics and beyond. We emphasize improving strength, speed, agility, and power. Additionally, we educate athletes on health importance, ensuring optimal nutritional and lifestyle habits to sustain performance.

Is this training for a specific sport or position?

Our sports training translates across all sports and positions. We help you get stronger, move quicker, jump higher and become more agile – all with a heavy emphasis on injury prevention so you can stay in the game.

Do you have to be in sports to participate in this training?

Absolutely not! We train kids from all sports and fitness levels. In fact, many of our student athletes don't play sports at all. They come to ATH for general fitness, socialization skills and teamwork skills.

How do you evaluate and track an athlete's progress?

We believe in understanding and measuring potential. Our student athlete evaluation assesses each athlete's unique characteristics, ensuring proper categorization based on physical and maturational status, movement ability, and exercise competency. Athletes are tested roughly every 12 sessions in areas like jump, sprint, strength, and power. We track and monitor development through performance reporting.

Do I get access to the Recovery Suite?

Yes, members receive complimentary access to the Recovery Suite for 30 minutes each week. Please note, athletes under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Is there a loyalty program for members?

Absolutely! As a member, you can earn points and redeem them for various rewards.

What amenities are available in the locker rooms?

Our locker rooms are stocked with free towels and shower items, including shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.