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Pre-Season Volleyball Jump Clinic

Ages 12-18

June 24 - August 2


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Are you ready to spike up your skills and dominate the court like never before? Join us for a 6-week volleyball clinic designed specifically for middle and high school volleyball players (ages 12-18). Prepare for your upcoming volleyball season with our comprehensive curriculum focused on enhancing every aspect of your game. 

When: June 24 - August 2 

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Duration: 1.5 hours per session (specific class times will be provided in April)

Cost: $250 for the 6-week program

Clinic Features

  • Jump Training: Learn techniques to jump higher and with more power.
  • Injury Prevention: Learn proper mechanics and develop the proper muscles to minimize the risk of setbacks with targeted injury prevention strategies.
  • Power, Agility, and Reaction Time: Sharpen your reflexes, speed, and agility to outmaneuver the competition.
  • Strength and Conditioning: Build a solid foundation of strength and endurance.

Why ATH Training?

  • We prioritize science, safety and results
  • Our coaches are among the best in the industry (and they are fun to work with!)
  • We have spacious, clean facilities with the best equipment you can find
  • We're trusted by professional athletes and leading healthcare systems



Why ATH, just ask our athletes?